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Jeanne Hunter vs Eva Ray

It’s always a thrill to see young wrestlers on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster grow and get better and better as they gain more experience the more they fight.

Eva Ray is an example but she was going to have to use all the skills she has learned to the best of her ability in this one as she found herself face to face with the iconic Jeanne Hunter in the restricted space of the Mats of Doom Room!

Despite giving away size and a wealth of experience to the fabulous veteran, Eva Ray was never likely to duck out of the challenge and she was determined to do her best.

Jeanne never under-estimates opponents either and and she was always going to give everything she had despite any advantages she might have.

And it was the blonde who made the early running, trapping feisty Eva in the clutches of her arms and legs as the battle ended up on the ground!

But Eva has an abundance of spirit and she was never going to lay there and just take it, battling out of the predicament and getting straight back on the attack herself!

The early exchanges told us it was going to be a thrilling and very intriguing battle between a kitten and a cougar and we were certainly not disappointed.

We were treated to body scissors, head locks, arm bars, a variety of pins, breast smothers, some athletic escapes and combination holds as Jeanne and Eva went all out in search of victory.

It was fast paced, edge of your seat stuff with both ladies getting on top and giving all they had to earn hard fought submissions.

This is an outstanding mature v young contest with two beauties leaving everything they had in the Mats of Doom room in search of an impressive win!

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