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Ivy Rain v Orsi - Breast smothers match

Now, given the fact Ivy Rain is a rookie and Orsi is a well honed fighting machine with a lot of experience, a straight out wrestling bout would probably have been a huge mismatch.

So, we decided to mix things up a little and try to even the odds by making this a breast smothers match and stick them in the tight confines of the tight MWC Mats of Doom room!

Ivy Rain certainly has an impressive rack and she was looking proud and confident as she stepped forward to bump chests with Orsi, who isn’t exactly lacking in the breasts department!

And they wasted little time in getting down to the mats and into the action with Ivy giving a startled Orsi an immediate taste of that ample bosom and the damage it is more than capable of causing her.

But Orsi used her superior wrestling skills to great effect and turned the tables on her opponent and was in fact the first to register a submission after smothering Ivy into it.

This just lit the fuse in Ivy though and she was straight back on the attack herself, those breasts acting like heat seeking missiles, with Orsi’s face the unfortunate target. It wasn’t long before Orsi was tapping out herself.

It wasn’t all about the breasts, of course! There was some seriously great wrestling on display from both ladies who utilised scissors, arm bars, pins and headlocks to get themselves in positions of dominance and authority before unleashing the breasts.

And the submissions kept coming for both girls as they fought hard and fired those weapons at each other’s faces regularly! It’s an incredible battle right to the very end!

Finally, there is a clear winner whose breasts reign supreme and she is clearly delighted with her efforts, judging by her victory pose over her defeated and devastated rival!

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