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Ivy Rain v Jessie

Like many of her beautiful peers who have burst onto the scene in the last couple of years, gorgeous Ivy Rain has developed into a fantastic wrestler.

There was a time when she would find herself battling and trying to overcome incredibly tough odds against more establish fighters on the MWC roster

But how things change and the tables turn! Now it was sexy newcomer Jessie who found herself facing an incredibly tough challenge in the form of powerful Ivy.

They faced off in the MWC Mats of Doom room and you could see the confidence in Ivy as she stalked her prey looking for an opening.

Jessie has no fear though and she was determined from the start, blocking the initial attacks from her experienced foe.

However, Ivy soon made her size advantage and grappling know how count as she pounced and trapped Jessie in a grapevine pin and breast smother combination that produced the goods.

Ivy, of course, sensed trouble and went right after her again but she found that Jessie wasn’t just going to roll over easily and let her have her way. And after putting up more sterling defences, she even went on the attack.

But despite a valiant effort, it was Ivy who eventually took control of the proceedings and secured more submissions with a range of pins, head scissors, body scissors and more use of those considerable assets to breast smother her opponent!

Jessie, to her immense credit, never gave up though and she kept on battling hard right until the match was called.

Naturally, Ivy looked very pleased with her handiwork as she celebrated but Jessie can take heart from a great performance and now knows what it takes to be where her rival is in no time at all!

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