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Ivy Rain Humiliates Andrew

“That’s the skinniest bit of chicken I’ve ever seen!” If brave Andrew thought beautiful Ivy Rain would have any concerns taking him on, this rather hilarious statement soon puts him right!

He doesn’t have too much time to digest it though as Ivy grabs hold of him in a head lock and takes him down to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats where she sits on top of him dismissing his rather weak “You’ll pay for that” threats!

Within seconds it becomes blatantly obvious that Ivy is in the mood to not just hurt but also humiliate Andrew who discovers how Ivy’s actions speak even louder than her mocking words!

From the opening moments, you can tell she is hungry for dishing out some serious punishment and no amount of idle threats and protestations from Andrew will put her off.

After trapping him in a school girl pin, she shifts her focus onto scissoring him and getting him in headlocks so he can feel Ivy’s power!

Andrew is soon left clutching his aching torso and looking rather dishevelled from having to submit to the more skilled and powerful opponent he finds himself up against!

Ivy is enjoying herself immensely now and this is borne out with the trash talking she subjects him too while she is applying excruciating holds on his beleaguered body.

She gets him in head locks, body scissors, arm bars, breast smothers, guillotines and combination holds which have the desired effect every time they are applied.

Andrew’s face it etched in pain and agony and he has zero in the tank that he can counteract this onslaught with as Ivy takes him apart.

But this is not about his inadequacy! This is about insatiable Ivy who is at her imperious best clocking up those submissions and putting the previously cocky victim well and truly in his place!

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