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Inferno Humiliates Liam - Rematch

There are a couple of valuable lessons Liam clearly didn’t learn from the first time he got his butt kicked by the fiery Inferno.

Firstly, he didn’t learn she is as deadly in a fight as she is beautiful and, secondly, he still donned those “stupid socks” (Inferno’s words, not ours!) as he returned looking for revenge!

Yes, Liam interrupted the ravishing redhead who was quietly minding her own business and working out in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain. She warned him she didn’t have the energy but he insisted - he was asking for what he got really!

“Have it your way” is a phrase that has never sounded as ominous as it did when Inferno uttered it just as she launched the first attack to get the ‘match’ underway.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, she soon had the big guy down on the canvas and she was soon making him suffer for his misplaced bravado.

She didn’t just make him suffer physically, she ran him down verbally too as the insults continued throughout (including more jobs about the socks!).

Liam manfully tried to withstand the pain but Inferno wasn’t in the mood to let him off lightly and she merely cranked up the pressure to get her desired tap outs.

She got him in head locks, arm bars, school girl pins, body scissors, head scissors and combination holds which had him begging for mercy.

At times, it felt like Inferno was frustrated given he had no answer and was giving her nothing to work with or keep her on her toes!

But her overall feeling seemed to be one of fun as she certainly enjoyed bringing Liam down a few pegs! He was totally destroyed while Inferno enjoyed celebrating over his battered body - sock boy won’t be back in a hurry!

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