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Havoc vs Rebel

The sight of the imposing Rebel furiously attacking and punching the corner turnbuckle before giving a maniacal chuckle ahead of her Shiny Pro Ring Girls matches is enough to unnerve anyone.

And her rival who is standing across the Ring Of Pain in the opposite corner Havoc certainly looks more than a little apprehensive as she warms up ahead of this contest.

Rebel is always on the lookout for victims to attack and she seems determined and focused on making Havoc become just another of her victims as she comes out ready to pounce.

And it isn’t long before the poor girl is being thrown around the ring and made to endure some of Rebel’s remorseless attacks.

Havoc immediately finds herself trapped in the corner being choked out by Rebel’s boot to the throat in the opening moments of the contest. This is bad enough but Rebel is relentless and soon making poor Havoc endure an array of sheer painful moves.

She finds herself being dragged across the canvass, pile-driven head first, stomped on, scooped up in a fireman’s lift before being slammed back down and made to suffer through ankle and leg locks, head locks, body scissors and much more.

It seems as if this is going to be a procession, but you can’t keep a brave and proud woman down and Havoc was never going to be one to just give in easily.

Soon she is launching attacks of her own to a stunned Rebel who finds herself on the receiving end of some vicious stomps!

Suddenly it’s more of a back and forth encounter and Havoc is desperate to make her mark and secure a stunning comeback victory.

But does she have enough to put away Rebel or does the imposing dominatrix stop the comeback and put her smaller rival in her place?

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