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Havoc vs Luna K

What more could you want than two evenly matched beauties stepping into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain to engage in a hard fought Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ battle?

Both Havoc and Luna love to fight and you can tell they are both well up for this as they warm up in silence in opposite corners, serious expressions painted on their gorgeous faces as they eye each other up before the action begins.

And they waste little time in getting physical too as they just go after each other and start trying to gain the upper hand, their equal size and strength obvious for the world to see once they have locked up.

The action is breathless with both Havoc and Luna K battling hard and we see the one on top position switching within seconds time and time again as the fight gets more thrilling with each move.

There are head scissors, head locks, tests of strengths, attempted pins and plenty of boots to the back as well as boots across throats as the pair show they are willing to go to any lengths to get an all important and extremely impressive victory under their belts.

Neither Havoc or Luna K back down and, if anything, they get more brutal as the match wears on - their desire for victory outweighing everything else as far as they are concerned.

The match continues at a scarily fast pace and it is genuinely impossible to predict which one of these warriors will come out on top at the end of it.

Eventually though, one of these ladies does have to tap out after being subjected to some brutal punishment at the hands of a very determined rival. An incredible SPRG war which is a must for your collections!

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