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Gia the Giant squashes Galya

Exquisite Eastern European Galya always dazzles on the MWC mats whether she is up against her female peers or destroying little boys cocky enough to take her on.

But it’s not often she comes up against anyone as towering and formidable as the force that is Gia the Giant and Galya soon finds out just how tough an ask that is for someone even with her talents!

The Canadian beauty wastes no time in getting to grips with her smaller rival and immediately traps Galya’s head between her powerful thighs and starts to squeeze.

You can hear the moans and whimpers of pain from Galya as the crushing feeling overcomes her while Gia just enjoys the chance to dish out more pain to a helpless victim.

Gia taunts the “tiny little thing” as she earns the first of many submissions out of her. The Giant is in her element, dominating and teaching a smaller rival about how silly it is to even dare to come on the same mats as her.

And she is keen to go through all her repertoire to ensure she gives Galya a lesson that she won't ever forget!

Galya is trapped in schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, body scissors, face sits, some trampling and cross body pins - and this is all just in the first five minutes!

The submissions and moans of pain keep flowing while Gia keeps taunting and laughing at her battered foe. Galya spends most of the fight with her face contorted in sheer pain as she tries to fend off Gia’s relentless attacks.

Gia is remorseless as she keeps up the same level of brutality from the first minute right up until the end and Galya must have felt as if she had gone through a blender!

Gia certainly enjoys taunting and mocking her plaything at the end of this one!

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1 Comment

Songoku Hmph
Songoku Hmph
Feb 06, 2020

why not a clip when man beat galya

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