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Galya Vanquished

Despite taking on and destroying most of the MWC roster and leaving a trail of destruction behind her, Madame Vanquish’s thirst never seems to be quenched.

Sure enough, she was back on the mats again looking as dominant and determined to do damage as usual when she looked across and saw gorgeous Galya standing in front of her.

The Bulgarian beauty is a fine wrestler with plenty of skill and strength but going up against a remorseless wrecking machine like Madame Vanquish is a different and extremely difficult task than she is used to.

And, sure enough, the pink haired dominatrix finishes licking her lips in anticipation and sets about showing the Eastern European what it’s like to go up against her.

She immediately grabs Galya and holds her upside down and taunting her with trash talk and that evil laugh which is almost as painful as some of Vanquish’s vicious moves.

It’s a brutal start for Galya who discovers what it’s like to be dangled upside down, caught in a skull-crushing head lock, slammed hard on the mats and to discover her own attempts at attacking have no effect on the badass she faces.

Things don’t get any easier as the match progresses either as Vanquish goes through her usual repertoire of physical and mental maiming - the laughter and trash talking continues throughout.

She even does that ego-damaging thing where she lets her victim try to attack her before effortlessly ‘escaping’ and turning the tables on them. Galya joins a list of many who suffer.

And she suffers some serious punishment as Vanquish beats up and totally destroys her smaller victim with effortless precision.

Unsurprisingly, Galya finished flat out on the mats, completely battered, while Vanquish celebrates over her prone body. Is there anyone out there who can stop her?

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