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Eva vs Luna K

The very talented and very beautiful Luna K is certainly not short of confidence as she shows in the pre match warm up for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle with Eva.

But the very skilled and very gorgeous Eva knows her way around Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and it takes more than a healthy dose of cockiness to take down a woman of her exceptional wrestling talent!

On paper, they looked evenly matched and we are immediately shown that this is the case as soon as they lock up and engage in some fast paced wrestling action whilst still on their feet.

The early exchanges see the arms bars and head locks with both Eva and Luna enjoying some healthy time on top as they look to gain an advantage and make the other suffer.

And this was an exciting taster of what was to follow as these two feisty little talents went hammer and tong, both very keen and very desperate to get an impressive victory under their belts.

The shrieks and howls of agony that came from the ladies as they put each other through the torment of nasty looking holds told their own story as Eva and Luna K battled all over the squared circle.

We saw tests of strength, head locks, arm locks, arm bars, punishing belly attacks when up in the corner turnbuckles, knees to the face, camel clutches, scissors and combination holds from these two tough gals!

It was back and forth from start to finish while the pace of the encounter never let up - both showing great stamina, speed and skills as they searched for the win.

A pulsating clash featuring lots of near pin falls, only one of Eva or Luna K can emerge victorious at the end of this one - and the exhausted winner is certainly pleased!

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