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Eva Ray vs Spice

There is no doubt that the beautiful young talent that is Eva Ray was one of the finds of 2020 for Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

She has thrilled, delighted and excited on the mats and is getting better and better all that. Which is just as well because she was going to need to be at the best when she faced returning sexy star Spice!

The faced off on the MWC mats and the difference in size (not to mention experience) was obvious before the fight had even got underway.

But Eva Ray is not the sort of girl who shies away from a challenge and she showed no fear as the two grabbed hold of one another and started to battle.

Eva wrapped her legs around Spice’s torso and squeezed hard, but the enormity of the task facing the red head was made clear when the exquisite ebony dismissed her saying “You’re going to have to try harder than that!”

She turned the tables and made Eva tap with a vicious head lock before swiftly doubling her advantage with a crushing bodyscissor.

Lesser fighters would have been beaten at that point but Eva showed just why she’s such an exciting prospect on the MWC roster by taking down Spice and making her submit with a breast smother and grapevine pin combination! The fight was truly on!

Sadly though, this proved to be a bit of a false dawn for Eva as Spice realised she had to raise her game even higher to overcome the determined and skilled spitfire.

Soon Spice was imposing her will on Eva, who resisted and fought all the way to avoid the crushing holds the bigger woman was trapping her in.

By the end, Spice might have been the clear winner but Eva deserves praise for giving her a run for her money!

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