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Eva Ray vs Nomi

We just knew this match would be exceptional and easy on the eye as soon as we paired these two beauties together for a battle on the mats.

Both Eva Ray and Nomi are talented, skilled, quick, beautiful, petite and, most excitingly, both are up for a fight which means we are all in for a serious treat!

They waste no time at all, locking up and ending up on the ground rolling around trying to get an advantage over each other. They exchange head locks and body scissors in a frantic opening few minutes - the moans and groans demonstrating the effort they are putting in.

The first submission comes via a grapevine pin but this doesn’t alter the flow of the battle as these evenly-matched babes continue to thrill with each earning tap outs.

Eva and Nomi exchange school girl pins, head locks, body scissors, face sits, leg locks, arm bars, choke holds and combination moves as each looks to dominate the other. They are almost licking their lips in anticipation at securing holds on one another!

The action is back and forth with the initiative swinging from one girl to the other as they roll about and fight on almost every inch of the mats they are on.

The pair are also tough as leather too because they manage to resist and escape some nasty looking holds at times when submitting might have been an easier option.

Even the biggest gamblers would be reluctant in putting money on either Eva Ray or Nomi to win this contest.

They give it their all and are left sweating and breathing heavily from the sheer effort and determination they put into this contest.

It’s a phenomenal contest between two absolutely brilliant and beautiful wrestlers. Download now to see how this classic encounter is settled!

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