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Eva Ray vs McKenzie

Blonde bombshell McKenzie has well and truly established herself in the scene and is very much a firm favourite with the wrestling loving guys out there.

So we thought we’d give her a brand new challenge by unleashing the beautiful new combatant Eva Ray on her in the MWC Mats of Doom room.

But McKenzie is more than ready for any challenge these days and, given her significant height advantage over her new foe, she was quick out the blocks and keen to impose herself on Eva Ray right from the start.

An early schoolgirl pin was meant to signal her dominance but Eva Ray proved to be a “wriggler” and didn’t just lie down and take it.

However, a couple of devastating breast smothers and grapevine pins sure put the pain on Eva Ray as McKenzie threatened to get a grip on the match and dominate her opponent using her well-honed skills.

But you can never keep a good woman down and the quick and deceptively strong Eva certainly demonstrated this to McKenzie when she made the bigger woman to tap out to her choke and leg lock combination!

The battle continued between the two and we saw a whole variety of moves that provoked howls of pain from the ladies including crushing body scissors, breathtaking breast smothers, rib crushing bearhugs, dominant grapevine pins, impressive cross body pins and some serious thigh crushing contests taking place!

The fact both of these ladies are easy on the eye - and you really need to see Eva Ray’s amazing outfit that’ll have eyes popping out all over the place - only added to the exciting contest.

By the conclusion, there was a clear and deserved winner and she is understandably delighted with her victory. Download this cracking match to discover which of them came out on top.

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