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Eva Ray vs Havoc

Given her size, exquisite Eva Ray is almost always going to find herself presented with challenges against bigger opponents.

But, as we’ve already discovered, this thrilling little spitfire has the heart of a lioness and is never one to back down or cower away - something hot Havoc soon discovered here.

This had all the potential to be an exciting clash and that’s exactly what we got as these two beauties fought all over the mats trying to get the upper hand in a back and forth contest.

Each time it looked as if one of the ladies was taking control, the other would resist and fight back to thwart her, providing great edge-of-the-seat entertainment along the way.

But girls as strong and skilled and as determined as Eva Ray and Havoc are always going to earn submissions and they too started flowing quickly.

They got each other with head scissors, body scissors, face sits, head locks, arm bars, camel clutches, school girl pins, grapevine pins and combination holds as they went all out in search of a very impressive victory.

And after each submission or break in action, they circled and stalked each other like two predators looking to strike again - such was their desire to fight!

Both women’s bodies were glistening in sweat and you can see they were feeling the effects of each move against them but at no point did it slow either Eva or Havoc down as they looked to keep on battling right to the very end.

Even a gambler would have thought twice about placing a bet on the outcome of this match as the advantage shifted from one to the other.

But, at the end of this pulsating contest, there was a winner and boy she looked delighted (if a little exhausted!) to have emerged victorious!

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