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Eva Ray Humiliates Chicken Boy - rematch

Having announced herself in the best possible way on our mats, Eva Ray has really got the taste for the MWC action and looking forward to many more challenges to come.

However, she probably wasn’t expecting to see the little warrior Chicken Boy Dave so soon, looking to avenge the pummelling he suffered at the hands of the beautiful babe!

There Eva is, minding her own business in Monica’s Ring of Pain when the brave warrior steps through the ropes and confronts her. He tells her he underestimated her first time around and that he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

Eva, of course, is highly amused. Despite Chicken Boy’s initial determination to put her in her place, he is quickly reminded of the pace and power this gorgeous woman has in her armoury.

His screech in pain when she traps one of his legs between her strong thighs sets the tone for this encounter and Eva Ray seems determined to show off even more of the skills that dazzled us the first time around.

Her taunts are more constant, as are his cries out in pain, whenever she inflicts damage - which comes in the form of body scissors, head locks, grapevine pins, head scissors, chokes using her fabulous feet - which are called upon on many an occasion, much to Chicken Boy’s dismay!

One of the many impressive things about Eva is how quick witted and resourceful she is - she really seems able to hurt little boys in many ways no matter what position she is in!

Even when he goes on the attack and looks to be in a position to take advantage, she slaps him right back down with ease and turns the tables.

Throughout the whole match, she wears a glorious smile on that beautiful face which only adds to Chicken Boy’s woes.

He came looking for revenge but Eva was more brutal than before! What a star we have here!

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