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Eva Ray dominates Cocky Gary

We can’t blame Cocky Gary for thinking his losing streak against the girls of MWC might come to an end against the super sexy Eva Ray when they met on the mats.

She still fairly new to the sport and he had a significant height and weight advantage over the little spitfire. So when she asked if he was ready to lose, Cocky Gary just smirked and showed a lot of confidence and more than a touch of cockiness as they squared up.

That confidence lasted a matter of seconds as Eva Ray pounded and got him in a vicious head lock before leaping up and wrapping her strong legs around his waist.

Still, Cocky Gary didn’t expect her to be able to take him down to the mats but he soon changed his position on that as he found himself not just down but with Eva Ray’s legs around his head!

Gorgeous Eva has been one of the wrestling finds of recent years and she continues to get better and better - something she was clearly keen to demonstrate in this encounter.

She’s quick, relentless and determined so even when Cocky Gary managed to find a way of resisting her attacks, she just kept going for him and making him suffer in different ways.

He was caught in body scissors, head locks, face sits, head scissors, foot torture, pins and combinations of these moves and he soon found the best thing he could do to ease the pain was to submit to her and try to regroup.

But how do you regroup when the quick Eva strikes like lightning over and over and with no desire to let up?!

The old saying “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” is certainly apt here. And judging by the final victory pose, Eva certainly chopping down poor Cocky Gary to size.

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