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Dominita vs Rebel

Ruthless Rebel is used to intimidating and overpowering girls whenever she steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain for a Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle.

But she certainly met her match and then some in the shape of the powerful badass Dominita who isn’t the kind of girl who can be bossed around by any opponent - even one as strong as Rebel!

Rebel is never short of confidence and she engaged in her pre-match ritual of pounding the corner turnbuckles with a series of bone-shattering punches while Dominita just carried out her warm up exercises, unimpressed as she stood in the opposite side.

They were soon circling each other and sizing one another up as this tantalising and mouth-watering clash was ready to rock the MWC foundations!

Rebel showed speed and agility to avoid getting caught in her rival’s grasps in the opening stages. She repeated the trick immediately afterwards and dived in to take a leg, only to find big Dominita cannot be easily knocked off her feet!

Instead Rebel was woman handled by her larger foe and send sprawling by some painful looking clubbing forearms to the back. We haven’t seen Rebel in trouble often but here was Dominita seemingly intent on having her was with her at will!

However, Rebel hasn’t carved out her reputation by buckling easily when under attack and she soon came back fighting fire with fire and it was Dominita’s turn to hit the canvas following some heavy blows!

With two brilliant wrestlers and big tough women in one ring, this was always going to be a fight for the ages and neither of the pair disappointed as they traded moves in search of a winning pin!

There are plenty of near misses, dirty moves and quality grappling between the two and an incredible finale to declare a winner!

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