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Dominita vs Havoc

Heavenly Havoc loves to fight and she has the skills to help her kick butt whenever she climbs through the ropes of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

And she was certainly going to need all of those skills when she found herself facing off against the imposing and always determined Dominita for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

As her name suggests, Dominita loves to dominate every single opponent she faces and things are no different here as within the first few seconds, she is taking the fight to Havoc and sending her crashing to the canvas.

Havoc is a spirited lass and she has no intention of just rolling over as she does her best to fend off the offence Dominita is making her suffer. But this just merely spurs the dominatrix on even more and she soon starts to go through her vast array of excruciatingly painful looking moves that leave her much smaller opponent shrieking in agony.

Dominita has an evil look of satisfaction on her face every time she makes Havoc suffer whilst she is in her clutches and this only adds insult to the injury the smaller wrestler is being subjected too.

There are head locks, camel clutches, knees to the back, shoulders to the belly, countless takedowns, tests of strength, body splashes and scissors as Havoc is really put through the ill.

Havoc does her best to fight back with head locks, arm bars and scissors of her own which certainly have the desired effect momentarily as she looks to make a stunning fightback.

But it proves to be a false dawn as Dominita only cranks up the pressure and punishing moves in response.

Everything points to a Dominita victory as the match wears on but does Havoc provide a sting in this tale? Download to find

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