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Dominita v Autumn Rose

The exciting, awesome and highly skilled fighter Autumn Rose is always a vibrant presence in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

And she was going to need all her vibrancy and skills to the max as she faced off against the imposing figure that is Dominita in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

They are no strangers to each other and there are verbals which reference their past history with one another before they get to the job in hand here!

Dominita has an obvious size advantage but Autumn never shows up just make up the numbers and the early exchanges see both women making enough of a statement to announce they are here to fight!

And this sets the tone for the contest as it evolves as each time it looks like one of these warriors is about to take control of proceedings, she is given a very painful reminder by her rival that she is in a real match.

What adds even more spice to the proceedings is that both Dominita and Autumn Rose are equally adept at trash talking as they are grappling so they were never going to fail in entertaining us!

But the physical battle is what we came for and they absolutely do not disappoint on that score as they work each other over.

We see bear hugs, arm bars, wrist locks, impressive uses of their butts (!), kicks, elbows, ankle locks, clotheslines, slaps to the chest, inventive use of the ropes and combination holds which have the desired effect that each lady was going for!

This is a brutal back and forth encounter between two strong and able women who will stop at nothing to secure an all important victory under their belts. The ending is brutal and not to be missed!

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