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Dominita Squashes Galya

Gorgeous Galya never fails to impress and entertain whenever she brings her immense fighting skills to Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But even someone as talented as her must have wondered what she’d gotten herself into when she stood in the corner opposite the imposing and intimidating dominatrix that is Dominita!

And sure enough, Dominita is licking her lips in anticipation and seems keen to put her smaller foe in her place - even mocking Galya’s athletic warm up before the match had even got under way!

There was never any chance of Galya chickening out of this one - she hasn’t built up an army of fans through being scared - but her clear distress at being caught first in a head lock and then an arm lock by Dominita certainly suggested she was regretting her bravery here!

Dominita not only revels in inflicting physical pain on her victim but also verbally taking them apart and she was certainly in fine form here on both counts!

Galya did her best to resist and fight out of the sticky situations she found herself in but she was up against a remorseless wrecking machine who merely upped the ante whenever she felt like it.

She caught Galya in body scissors, bear hugs, arm bars, ankle locks, boston crabs, lifted and carried her with ease and used combination holds to inflict serious damage.

Galya did her best to attack but she was treated with complete and utter disdain from a rampant Dominita whose thirst for punishing her was never quenched during the match!

Galya was left in a world of pain as this match drew to a close having been completely overwhelmed and dominated and destroyed by her fearsome foe.

And a rampant Dominita gleefully finished her off in extremely brutal fashion to put the cherry on her cake!

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