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Dominita destroys Nairobi

Exquisite Nairobi seems to have all the ingredients that you’d want from a Monica’s Wrestling Centre girl - talent, power, a great sculpted body and a real beauty.

Sadly for her though she ran into a remorseless and relentless dominatrix in the shape of Dominita who was in no mood to go easy on the newbie as they squared off in the ring.

Nairobi danced around her looking to pounce but this only served to make Dominita laugh before a harsh forearm sent the smaller girl crashing to the canvas.

This was a mere taste of what was to come for Nairobi, who looked shell shocked by the evilness of Dominita who was stalking her prone opponent like a lioness going in for the kill on her chosen prey.

Dominita threw her around at will and instigated a number of vicious, punishing attacks which had Nairobi whimpering and unable to respond with her own attacks.

Every time it seemed as if Dominita had gone as evil as she was going to go, she ramped up the nastiness and made her victim suffer increasingly more as the bout went on.

She rammed her into a corner and slammed her shoulder into Nairobi’s belly, she crushed her head between those powerful arms, she used the ropes to inflict unimaginable pain, she gave Nairobi a full on stink face and she twisted her legs at any angle she wanted to twist them in.

And Dominita enjoyed every single second of it, her sadistic smile constantly appearing when her evil plans came to fruition.

Poor Nairobi had no answer and Dominita let her know in no uncertain terms that she won’t face many like her again.

The ending was as brutal as everything that went before it - we think Nairobi will be having nightmares for some time after this!

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