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Dominita Destroys Fritz

Now, Fritz is a strong man and a wrestling veteran so we can certainly understand why he would have no fear climbing through the ropes of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain to take on a talented female.

But even he must have been wondering whether he had bitten off more than he can chew when the said talented female happened to be the very imposing badass that is the powerhouse Dominita!

She’s certainly not impressed with what is standing in front of her and makes no secret of this fact just before she gets to work on working him over!

In the blink of an eye, Fritz finds himself trapped beneath Dominita in a cross-body pin which he suffers from (although not half as much as the bite of the arm she gives - Dominita definitely hasn’t bitten off more than she can chew!).

It becomes abundantly clear that she is looking to do a serious number on him and nothing he says or does is going to stop her from achieving her aim.

As the match goes on, the arena is filled with his moans and groans of pain as Dominita goes through her arsenal of impressive wrestling weapons to make him suffer.

He finds himself subjected to ankle locks, breast smothers, a variety of pins, bear hugs, head scissors, body scissors, head locks and combination holds - all of which have the desired effect of making him scream!

When Fritz tries to mount his own attacks, they have very little (well, zero!) effect on the dominant Dominita who simply swots him away before going back to work herself.

Her trash talking game is on-point throughout too so he suffers verbally as well as physically at her hands!

The brutal end must have been as much of a relief for him as it was a joy for her!

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