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Diana & Monica vs Bert & Jonathan

Jonathan had previously found himself in the dangerous situation of taking on both Diana and Monica alone at the same time!

Well, this time, he faced off against Monica alone but was strangely full of confidence because - unbeknown to his bigger and stronger rival, he’d brought a friend along to help him!

Initially, they face off for a one on one in the MWC ring and Monica is having none of his confidence and is dismissive of him. She even starts off as expected by going to work on him and then throwing him around the ring like a rag doll.

However, he springs a shock on her after working his way into getting a sharpshooter locked on to her that Bret Hart would even have been proud of!

But this merely makes Monica angry and she is quick to warn him about such insolence before returning to making him hurt badly, earning her first submission soon after.

It is at this moment that Jonathan decides to spring his surprise on Monica and call his pal Bert in with the intention of double teaming a shocked Monica.

She complains of their cheating and is laughed at by the boys who are looking extremely pleased with themselves…until Monica hits them with the biggest swerve of the match - she has a friend too!

Devastating Diana comes to the ring and things are now “even” in theory! Diana puts both Jonathan and Bert in their place immediately and the tag team match is truly on!

The action heats up and there is multiple tagging as both teams give it their all. Fighting even spills outside the ring!

But it doesn’t take too long for the girls to take control. And they are absolutely brutal, throwing them out of the ring after a severe beatdown.

The foolish boys come back for more but soon regret it and are left out while the women celebrate an emphatic win!

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