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Denise lift and carry

The incredibly sexy muscle goddess Denise turns heads wherever she goes and she certainly got our attention when she walked through the MWC doors.

She has the look and she most definitely has the power - something she was keen to prove with our very own Chicken Boy Dave at her disposal on the mats.

He is wearing his “lucky” Macho Man pants which certainly amuses Denise and makes her want to find out just how macho the little guy truly is.

Not very much, as it turns out! She immediately treats us to an incredible display of lift and carry, hoisting him up as if he is a feather and walking around with him over her shoulder.

Denise mocks him and gives him a spank of the ass as she carries him around like a little baby with just one arm and barely breaking into sweat.

There is a risk she could get bored due to the lack of challenge he presents so she keeps her mind occupied by mixing it up by doing things such as spinning him around and making him all dizzy and confused.

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, Denise has Chicken Boy at her mercy and he is little more than a meek and weak slave as she makes him worship her incredible and powerful legs, muscled arms and her fabulous abs.

She continues to display her breathtaking strength by carrying Chicken Boy around on her back with not even a hint of strain or effort on her face.

Denise uses up more energy by trash talking and insulting the little guy than she actually does lifting and carrying around the arena!

She continues to impress with a number of different hold techniques perfectly executed before a rather devastating end for Chicken Boy! Muscle Worship Girl is a phenom!

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