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Cheetah vs Orsi

The fabulous Orsi is always welcome at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and she never fails to impress and delight with her immense ability.

And this time, we decided to serve her up some fresh meat in the form of exciting MWC newcomer, the beautiful Cheetah. And where better for them to do battle than in the new Mats of Doom room that has recently been opened up in the venue!

There was clearly a lot of respect between the two as they faced off and Cheetah knew she’d have to be at her best to stand any chance. 

But living up to her wild cat name, she certainly proved she wasn’t daunted and went right after her opponent from the start and taking her down to the mats as they battled on their feet.

But Orsi has earned her top class reputation and she was not about to accept being dominated by a young upstart and soon Cheetah was wincing in pain as Orsi’s strong legs and arms got to work.

To Cheetah’s immense credit, she didn’t just sit there and take it and, instead, slipped from Orsi’s grasp and turned the tables to go on the attack herself. This was shaping up to be a great contest.

And we were treated to some truly outstanding wrestling. Head locks, body scissors, arm bars, pins, chokeholds along with some amazing defensive work and determination from the girls on the receiving ends of such moves.

It’s a fabulous battle, which sees them fighting right to the very last moment, but in the end there is one clear and obvious winner.

But did the experience and strength of Orsi shine through or did the quick and exciting newcomer Cheetah get an impressive win under her belt? Download this brilliant match to find out!

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