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Cheetah vs Bianca Blance - Custom

Wow! We have a history of producing breathtaking, fast paced action packed matches at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and this one is right up there with the best of them!

Cheetah and Bianca are two beauties who certainly need no introduction and their very names should get fight fans excited for any of their bouts.

But sticking them in one piece outfits and just letting them roll around, back and forth, legs tangled up on the MWC mats using both wrestling and catfighting moves on each other is an exciting dream come true for all of their fans.

They literally just let rip at one another from the very start and are soon on the ground, yanking each other’s glorious locks and desperately trying to gain an advantage on one another.

The frantic and frenetic pace they fight results in neither getting to stay on top for long while the grunting and groaning both emit tells the full story of the effort they are putting in.

Both Cheetah and Bianca are clearly up for this and the sheer grit and determination demonstrates just how badly each wants to beat the other - an intense rivalry that hots up with each passing second of this fight.

There are moments where one of the warriors looks like she is getting on top of the other but such moments are brief and the stubborn and feisty fighter under the cosh always seems to manage to find an escape.

Given the amount of hairpulling they engaged in, we’re genuinely surprised both Cheetah and Bianca escaped without being left bald!

Naturally, given their talent, there is some top quality wrestling moves on show too during this amazing brawl!

It’s vicious and nasty all the way through the end and these hellcats don’t even stop when the referee calls an end to the catfight! Like we said, wow

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