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Cheetah's Debut - Cheetah Destroys Skinny Andrew

It’s always exciting for all of us at MWC to unleash a brand new wildcat onto the scene and we’ve found an exciting new gem with our latest girl!

Beautiful Bulgarian Cheetah might be a rookie but she is already learning fast and certainly not afraid to bare her claws and sink them into anyone who dares face her on our mats!

Her first opponent Skinny Andrew has been in many a battle at MWC and so he must have thought his luck was in and fancied his chances, given his experience.

But it took literally seconds for Cheetah to pounce on him like her namesake big cat catching prey as she wrestled him to the ground and got to work on him.

What we didn’t tell Skinny Andrew was that she is a sporty girl and accustomed to the martial art of Sambo! Oh, and she’s also being trained by none other than the legendary Ina Black!

She attacked at pace and Skinny was soon wincing in pain and desperately evading her relentless onslaught. She went for painful arm bars, schoolgirl pins, chokes with her feet, scissors and locks that were clearly punishing her opponent.

To his credit, Skinny Andrew worked hard to resist but Cheetah wore a big smile on her face and persevered and soon had him tapping out in pain.

What made Cheetah even more exciting is that, as a raw talent, she is rather unconventional and that made it even harder for Skinny Andrew to second guess and evade.

She had an insatiable desire to make him suffer which is exactly how we love our girls here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre!

Cheetah finished things off by sending Skinny Andrew into dreamland and celebrated with a cute little celebration. What an exciting, talented and strong beautiful wildcat we have on our hands!

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