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Cheetah dominates in jeans - custom

Let’s face it, gorgeous Cheetah looks fantastic in any outfit but she certainly rocks the bra, jeans and barefoot look!

And she proves she cal also kick ass in denim too when she was handed a hapless male victim in the form of Luke to destroy on the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

He’s bigger than her but size isn’t everything - especially when you are as quick and talented as our beautiful wildcat, who seems to smell victory as soon they get going.

In the blink of an eye, he finds himself on the floor and trapped in a schoolgirl pin while his tormentor laughs and giggles like a naughty schoolgirl.

There’s nothing funny about it for Luke though. Especially when Cheetah turns the pin into a vicious head scissor which leaves him gasping and moaning in pain as she starts to squeeze her thighs tightly together.

Naturally, the submissions start flowing in Cheetah’s favour and she is clearly having a ball at his expense, constantly attacking her victim with speed and agility with that smile often painted across her face.

There are more head scissors, body scissors, ankle locks, reverse scissors, face sits, head locks and many many tap outs coming from Luke!

His misery probably isn’t made any better by the knowledge that Cheetah was obviously have a ball at his expense and she seemed keen to make sure the fun didn’t stop for her during the entire match.

Luke’s efforts to attack were almost non-existent and we are probably flattering his wrestling ability by saying he made any offensive moves at all!

A grapevine and breast smother combination put an emphatic full stop on proceedings and our dynamo in denim certainly enjoyed celebrating over her his battered body!

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