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Bing Ling destroys Chicken Boy Dave

We knew this would end badly for Chicken Boy Dave as soon as he mocked beautiful Bing Ling when he met her for the first time on the MWC mats.

Not only did he mock her name but he dismissed her totally, telling her that he has never heard of her with the confidence of a champion fighter.

Bing Ling has certainly heard of him though. “Chicken Boy, huh? The one that everyone always makes of?” Ouch!

They are both keen to make a lasting impression on each other, given this is their first ever clash, but it is the gorgeous Chinese sensation who starts off strongly and soon has Chicken Boy pinned beneath a face sit!

She might be relatively new to the scene but you can never dismiss the strength and skill of a wrestler on Monica’s roster and Bing Ling certainly isn’t here to be dismissed.

Bing is like a woman possessed as she wants to ensure he never forgets her name as a result of a brutal beat down she hands him.

Chicken Boy is left squirming and groaning in agony as she ramps up the pressure and hits him with an array of moves including figure four head locks, head scissors, arm locks, cross body pins, breast smothers, guillotines and body scissors.

Bing squeezes him, twists him up like a pretzel and has fun taunting him throughout as Chicken Boy struggles against his far superior opponent.

This is as one-sided a domination match can be and Bing Ling certainly revels in every second of it, making sure she punishes her disrespectful foe, who simply cannot muster any kind of attack!

By the end, there is no doubt that Chicken Boy knows exactly who Bing Ling is. Especially after she sends him to sleep and stands victorious over his prone body!

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