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Bianca Blance vs Axel

There is nothing more exciting in our sport than watching two gorgeous and gifted grapplers locking horns and battling hard all over the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

And that is certainly what we are presented with here as the exquisite Italian Bianca takes on the beautiful Brit babe Axel in a mouth-watering clash.

Axel keeps on getting better and stronger with each and every contest she gets under her belt but taking on Bianca was going to be a serious challenge that would push her very hard.

In fact, both of these fighters knew they would have to be at their very best to emerge at the end of this one with a hard earned and very impressive victory for their CV!

They no time at all getting to grips with one another and the early exchanges which saw them rolling about trying to get an advantage over each other immediately told us we were in for the treat we were expecting before they’d arrived.

Head locks, body scissors, bear hugs, head scissors, arm bars and combination holds were soon being deployed as the battle grew in intensity with each passing second.

Both Bianca and Axel showed great resilience too as whenever they found themselves trapped in some sticky situation, they didn't just roll over and quit. They fought hard to try to free themselves and they constantly looked to go on the attack.

As the contest progressed though, one of these warriors started to get the upper hand and built up a hard fought lead over the other.

But this didn’t have any impact on the thrilling contest we were being treated to as both Bianca and Axel competed with all they had right to the end.

And while there was a clear winner, the mutual respect and praise was there for all to see after the match!

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