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Beth Bennett vs Cheetah Rematch

It’s always a treat when these two Monica’s Wrestling Centre favourites square off in any kind of match and this Shiny Pro Ring Girls clash is no different!

Blonde Beth dressed in while and brunette Cheetah clad in black always seem to want to get their hands on each other and they waste little time here, bumping breasts into each other before getting down to business.

Beth makes the early running, taking her rival down and landing some hard punches to her belly but Cheetah is not the kind who turns up to be cannon fodder and she gets her own back with a crushing head scissor.

This lights the blue touch paper and we are suddenly in the midst of an exciting back and forth encounter where both of these strong talents get to show off their skills to the detriment of the other.

Cheetah is a bit smaller but she has strength and skills that can trouble anybody and Beth is certainly not going to have it her own way.

However, cheeky Beth seems more at home sneaking in some dirty tricks and trash talking along the way but Cheetah not only hangs on in there but fights back each time.

We see them exchange body scissors, arm bars, bear hugs, camel clutches, a variety of pins and combination holds as they look to leave a mark on their foe.

After a while and some hard fought action, one of the ladies takes control of the contest and starts to impose her will on her rival in a variety of different ways.

And the lady on the receiving end is certainly made to suffer if the screams that fill Monica’s Wrestling Centre are anything to go by!

It’s an emphatic win for the winner who certainly makes sure she enjoy the victory, much to the pain of the other!

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