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Beth Bennett vs Autumn Rose

The grapplers who climb through the ropes of the Ring of Pain at Monica’s Wrestling Centre usually have egos as big as their immense talent and are always brimming with cockiness.

So it was unusual to see beauties Beth Bennett and Autumn Rose being all nice and pleasant and complimentary abut each other’s outfits ahead of their Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest!

But just when we thought we were going to have the unexpected spectacle of a friendly bout, the two women were soon doing what they do best - knocking lumps out of one another and utilising all their considerable pro wrestling moves!

It doesn’t matter how cute and lovely their attire is, fighters like Autumn Rose and Beth Bennett will do anything and everything to ensure they get as many victories under their belts as possible.

And if that means using dirty tactics then so be it - just as one of these gorgeous girls finds out when her hair is used against her as an effective weapon in the early stages.

It isn’t long before we are in a tough battle with the initiative swinging one way and then the other as the pair put each other through the mill.

Beth and Autumn subject each other to some harsh treatment via body scissors, kicks and knees to the belly, ankle locks, camel clutches, hairpulling and combination holds - all of which have the desired effect judging by the loud cries of anguish which fill the arena!

It’s a brilliant, exciting match with both girls getting some serious punishment at the hands of the other and the result is in doubt all the way to the end - which is as we like it!

Of course, the eventual winner is full of pride at the end while the loser lies prone on the canvas!

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