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Axel vs Miss Vox

There is always something exciting about seeing two young and extremely gifted female wrestlers pitting their wits against one another on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

And, judging by the way you could feel the tense anticipation for this contest, beautiful babes Axel and Miss Vox were itching to get their hands on one another and demonstrate who is the superior scrapper!

Sure, there was a polite and sporting handshake at the beginning but that’s where the pleasantries ended and they quickly got down to the business in hand.

They tentatively started feeling each other out which only heightened the tension between them but it wasn’t long before Axel and Miss Vox were down on the mats battling hard and looking for the all important advantage.

Thrillingly, it was hard to tell who was getting the upper hand, even when each woman was on top of the other, as this promised an even fight from start to finish!