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Axel vs Honey J

Now this was an interesting, not to mention extremely exciting, clash between two hot and talented ladies who clearly love to grapple!

The ever improving beauty that is Axel faced off against Monica’s Wrestling Centre newcomer, the gorgeous Honey J, in the confined spaces of the MWC Mats of Doom room.

Honey J has a distinct size advantage but Axel has a huge fighting heart and she never ducks from a challenge no matter how big or small it might be.

There was silence and tension in the air as they sized each other up and gave a respectful handshake before getting down to the main action!

Immediately, our excitement at this pairing was justified as they grabbed hold of one another and demonstrated their strength as they tried to get each other down.

Axel seemed to get an immediate advantage, getting on top and executing a seemingly perfect grapevine pin…only for Honey J to use her power to roll over and escape!

They continued to fight hard an