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Axel & London vs Bing Ling & Dave - custom

They might be quite small in size but Axel and London are strong and skilful stunners who can certainly pack a punch and inflict damage on anyone.

Just ask Bing Ling and Chicken Boy Dave - who found themselves on the wrong end of an attack by the pint-sized brawlers!

We join them in Monica’s Ring of Pain with both Bing and Dave at the mercy of blonde London and dark-haired Axel.

The cold, remorseless duo are enjoying inflicting pain and misery on their victims along with taunting them and making sure they know exactly who is in charge in this particular situation!

London has Chicken Boy in a vicious camel clutch and it isn’t long before he is succumbs to the pain and is knocked out cold - much to helpless Bing Ling’s dismay.

But while London and Axel are working well as a team, there is always going to be a bit of friendly rivalry between them and London is soon admonishing Axel for not putting Bing out as well.

So they switch partners and London demonstrates how the job is done. Both Bing and Chicken Boy are proud fighters though and they don’t just lie there helpless, coming back to consciousness and desperate to get out of the predicament.

But Axel and London are having way too much fun hurting them both to the maximum, while verbally abusing them and calling them pathetic losers throughout the ordeal.

The various moves and holds are applied to the increasingly stricken bodies of Bing and Chicken Boy while the smiles on the beautiful faces of Axel and London just get broader and broader.

It a relentless and punishing ordeal for the victims. But there is a twist in the tale that one of them in particular doesn’t like

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