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April Paisley vs Galya

This one looked like a tasty cracker from the moment we paired the two gorgeous blondes up and that is exactly what they served up for us.

Gorgeous Galya and beautiful April might be quite petite in size but each has a massive fighting heart and they showed it big time when they squared off against each other in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room.

Super popular Galya has more wrestling experience than her rival but April is a bundle of raw energy and has lit up the scene so this fight was always going to be electric.

In the early stages, it looked as if April would be overwhelmed by Galya after she was taken down and found herself struggling beneath the eastern European.

But the spicy blonde sure reminded Galya that she was in a contest when she fought back during the frantic early exchanges. This remained a high energy contest all the way with neither dropping her levels throughout!

They got each other in a number of different moves including arm bars, ankle locks, head scissors, body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins and combination holds.

Both April and Galya secured some submissions as a result resulting in the intensity growing as the hard fought contest went on.

But they also showed how tough they really are with the amount of times they resisted giving in despite being in what looked like some sticky situations!

As a result, both ladies gave it their all and in turn gave us a thrilling contest which allowed them to highlight their considerable abilities.

They were locked in battle right until the very end when the Referee finally called time. It’s fair to say there was certainly a lot of mutual respect between April and Galya at the conclusion of this entertaining fight!

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