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April Humiliates Chickenboy Dave - rematch

Everyone loves heroic Chickenboy Dave. Whenever he steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain kitted out in his sparkly wrestling pants, we just know magic is going to happen!

But awesome April is one lady who isn’t impressed by his repertoire, having kicked his butt previously, and she walks in on his energetic routine and immediately starts mocking him and his chicken persona.

Dave naturally isn’t happy and tells her he isn’t having any of this but the Ladyboss merely gives him a wedgie to get this party started.

He huffs and puffs and is “feisty” at the beginning but it’s obvious that this is what April wanted and she certainly enjoys subduing him with a vicious guillotine before moving into a head lock and body scissor combination.

Judging by his moans and groans of pain, Dave’s earlier claims that April was ‘lucky’ in their last encounter are being proved wrong early on!

April is a small bundle of fun and certainly enjoys the trash talk element of wrestling, constantly poking fun at him. But don’t be fooled! This girl has bags of skill and strength and there is no messing around when it comes to showing them off!

Chickenboy suffers as she hits him with body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins, arm bars, head scissors and combination holds - many of which bring about the desired submissions. She even makes him kiss her feet at one point to really demonstrate her dominance!

On those rare occasions when Chickenboy does go on the attack, April isn’t impressed and she soon turns the tables on him and puts him back in his place.

She enjoys taking him apart and he is left in no doubt about who is the boss out the two of them by the time this serious beat down is over!

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