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Alora Lux vs Spice

One of MWC’s fabulous new recruits Alora Lux has certainly made her mark already and proved she is already a very welcome and sexy addition to the roster.

However Monica always likes to test her girls whether they are established or new and Alora was certainly going to be put through her paces by her latest opponent, who came in the shape of gorgeous powerhouse Spice!

Spice loves to fight and she’s got all the skills and strength to do so brilliantly so she was clearly up for taking on the newbie in Monica’s Mats of Doom Room!

And she immediately got a taste of what she was in for right at the start when Alora disarmed her with a smile before launching herself at her more experienced rival, prompting Spice to declare “A bit cheeky you are, aren’t you?!”

But they were there for far more than just cheeky fun and games and they got down to the real business in no time at all.

As expected, it was Spice who went all out attack from the start and she was determined to introduce Alora to the power of her squeeze by trapping her in crushing bearhugs and headlocks.

She also exerted her authority over the rookie with body scissors, grapevine pins, camel clutches, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins and arm bars as she threatened to run away with it.

But Alora has already proved she is one tough cookie and she showed Spice just how strong when she resisted for long periods despite being in immense pain. She also fought out of holds and went on the attack herself and never gave up despite the overwhelming challenge in front of her.

Ultimately, Spice was the dominant winner and she certainly made Alora know it at the end - but we suspect a defiant Alora will be back stronger when they meet again!

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