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Amrita vs Jade

Beautiful Jade is a phenomenal, talented wrestler who has dazzled performing for MWC for so many years.

But she was given one hell of a challenge in this match when she faced the ravishing Russian amazon that is gorgeous Amrita!

And to prove just how tough a challenge it actually was, Jade found herself trapped in the clutches of Amrita who secured an early submission using her powerful legs to squeeze her opponent’s torso!

Jade, though, hasn’t built her reputation by being a shrinking violet! She was straight back on the attack, forcing her bigger opponent into defensive positions before Jade gave Amrita a taste of her own medicine with a body scissor that levelled the scores straight away - game on!

This was only ever going to light the blue touch paper and what followed was an action packed, thrills and spills wrestling match between two tough and talented babes!

They traded painful submissions through a variety of moves including arm locks, body scissors and arm bars as things got very tense and exciting.

But they weren’t just giving in easily though. The girls had to work damn hard for the submissions they did earn which probably made them a hell of a lot sweeter each time.

At one stage, it looked as if one of the girls was running away with it before a well timed head lock by her opponent reminded her she was still very much in a match!

There were plenty of near misses for both as they went on the offensive only to find their stubborn foe wouldn't roll over easily!

The the skills and the sheer thrills kept on coming all match with both Jade and Amrita covering themselves in glory with their performances.

By the end there was a clear winner - who had to be told many times the fight was over, such was the intensity of the match!

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