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Nina Hiss dominates little Dave

Given his rather short stature, it’s not often that Chicken Boy Dave gets to wrestle ladies on the MWC mats who are not vastly taller than him!

Nina is someone around the same height and this clearly gives Dave confidence as he mocks her and dismisses her as a little mermaid.

But his confidence is very badly misplaced and gorgeous Nina is in no mood to become washed up and instead tells him how he will end up a crushed crab beneath her.

It doesn’t take her very long at all to take him down and then get on top of him to start the long and painful road to suffering she wants to take him on.

Her glorious laugh and insults leave Dave in no doubt that he is in for a rough ride. Nina gains the first of her many submissions by trapping him in a pin that almost breaks him in half!

Soon, Chicken Boys moans, groans and cries of pain are echoing around the venue while Nina just calmly and menacingly takes him apart and demonstrates the wonderful wrestling ability she possesses.

This talent sees her leave him in agony as a result of head scissors, pins, smothers, guillotines, body scissors, chokeholds and Boston crabs.

The walk in the park that Chicken Boy was expecting suddenly turns into a trek across the Sahara desert - without any water or mercy!

He is suffering badly and realises that she is way too strong for him. Nina, on the other hand, laughs in his face, taunts and insults him and encourages him to try harder, knowing full well he can’t!

Chicken Boy’s inevitable demise sees him left out cold while Nina just laughs, completely satisfied with a job well done!

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