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Terra Mizu dominates & destroys little Dave - rematch

Awesome American Terra Mizu must have thought Christmas had come early this year as she found herself in the MWC ring in a rematch against the plucky “Chicken Boy” Dave.

When they met on our mats, she literally ‘Terra-rised’ him through an incredible display of domination wrestling and torture which left the boy knocked out cold!

But here he was again, no doubt full of that mis-placed bravado that has seen the hapless hero end up in so many unfortunate positions within the MWC studio!

Wearing a T-shirt with ‘The Man’ emblazoned across the front, Dave is confident he will get the better of her this time and that Terra Mizu was simply lucky last time.

That confidence lasted less than 30 seconds by which time Terra Mizu had forced him into the corner and was gleefully slapping his chest and causing sharp pain - much to her amusement!

And she is soon rag-dolling ‘Macho Man’ around and putting him through the wringer through pins, scissors and locks that have Dave shrieking in pain. Terra is also adept at using her feet - either for kicking, stomping or crushing him with.

Her trash talk - as ever - is on point and she continuously taunts him, verbally abuses him, mocks him and laughs in his face as he struggles to make any impact against the fabulously talented and incredibly beautiful warrior he finds himself up against.

On those ultra rare occasions when Dave tries to go on the offensive, Terra Mizu is dismissive and again just chuckles right in his face as she mocks his efforts.

Once again, pitiful Dave is just a loser at the hands of a vastly superior woman - a point Terra Mizu is keen to make him admit during an elongated victory torture at the end!

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