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Tindra Frost vs Bianca Blance sexy bikini wrestling

We’re used to seeing rivalry between girls when they step on the MWC mats or get into the ring of pain.

But when Tindra and Bianca faced off on our mats, you could feel the sexual tension in the air and the electric chemistry which told us that these two were all set for engaging in an altogether different kind of wrestling match.

And so it proved as they moved in close to each other and started admiring each other’s beautiful bodies.

The sensuality between them was increasing with each second by the time Bianca gently took Tindra down to the mats and lay her flat. She climbed on top of her and slowly got up close and personal, introducing Tindra to her moves such as a face sitting and figure four head locks that had her groaning in pain.

Of course, Bianca was more than happy to be the recipient of such pleasurable holds and Tindra duly complied and reversed the roles so that she could demonstrate her hot moves on her willing recipient.

The contest continued in this vein with both girl caressing and enjoying each other’s bodies. Things got incredibly hot when they had a head scissor and their moans and groans - a mixture of pleasure and pain - filled the arena.

Pins, scissors and face sitting continue to produce the desired effect on both Tindra and Bianca with both ladies showing delight at giving and receiving ‘punishment’.

Temperatures go soaring even further when they engage in a mutual scissor battle which neither lady seems keen to lose.

But by the end, there is one woman who proves she is boss and that her amazing body was too hot to handle for her beaten rival. An ecstatic victory pose ends this incredibly sensual battle.

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