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Raven destroys Jonathan - rematch

They say “if at first you don’t succeed then try again”, but there are some occasions when you’d be best to heed the lesson the first time and give up!

Jonathan was given one hell of a lesson in what tough Northern girls can be like when he got torn apart by Manchester beauty Raven.

But instead of going away, he has simply licked his wounds and come back gunning for revenge! We always admire such bravery but we can also spot stupidity a mile off and this doesn’t seem to be the smartest decision Jonathan has ever made!

And so it proves when they square up against each other in the ring. Jonathan falls for the ‘shaking hands’ trick and finds himself immediately lifted up on to Raven’s shoulders before being thrown to the mats!

She then begins the job of dismantling him yet again, using her power, skill and experience to make sure he suffers the most amount of pain he possibly can!

The taunting is on point again too as she mocks him, insults him, warns him and menacingly describes what she plans to do to him throughout!

She particularly enjoys catching him between her powerful thighs and crushing him with her scissors or locking her strong arms around his neck and squeezing!

Jonathan must have been wondering what prompted him to step back up against her as she puts him through the wringer, while retaining that gorgeous smile on her face!

This is an absolute masterclass in domination wrestling as Raven takes Jonathan apart from start to finish without even breaking into a sweat!

To his credit, Jonathan tries his best to fight back and give Raven something to think about…but he fails miserably and only succeeds in making her laugh!

It comes as no surprise that, by the end, it’s lights out for Jonathan and another easy victory under Raven’s belt!

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