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Goddess Anat dominates puny Dave - rematch

You’d have thought Dave would have learned his lesson the first time. But, no! Here he was again facing off against Goddess Anat who had wiped the mats with him in their last encounter at MWC.

The plucky man bravely tells her she was lucky last time and he even flexes his muscles in a determined stand off. But it’s all undermined when she scoffs at his rather inappropriate wrestling trunks that have to be seen to be believed!

But when all the jokes are said and laughed at, Goddess Anat is one mean and powerful wrestler and she doesn’t suffer any fools gladly - especially men who confidently face off against her in the ring!

She quickly reintroduces him to her impressive breasts which brought him nothing but pain last time through her devastating smothers.

Things get worse for him as she schoolgirl pins him, leaving him trapped and unable to escape.

Soon, we are left wondering if Goddess Anat was right and he had hurt his head badly last time as that can be the only excuse for him coming back for more painful punishment!

She facets him, traps him in reverse headscissors, figure four locks, headlocks, body scissors and devastating arm locks to bring about desperate submissions from her hapless victim.

Goddess Anat taunts him, mocks him and dismisses him leaving Dave looking and no doubt feeling rather pitiful.

There is clear joy on her face as she tortures him remorselessly, almost playing him like an instrument with his moans and groans forming the melody!

It’s safe to say that Goddess Anat’s previous destruction of Dave was anything but “lucky” as she repeats her success with more than a little interest this time.

Dave is left with a familiar feeling by the end - Goddess standing on top of him flexing her muscles and making him admit she is the boss!

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