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Lina dominates

Swedish beauty Lina is so exceptional that she has been known to dominate some of her fellow skilled female fighters in some classic matches.

So it was hard not to fear for the wellbeing of the poor male victim who bravely chose to face off against the blonde on the MWC mats.

The signs are ominous right from the start as she gets to work with a big smile on her face!

She takes control immediately, a headlock takedown taking the battle to the floor and she sets about making her victim suffer.

To his credit, he takes a lot of punishment. Lina’s scissors, locks and pins are enough to make people tap out in tears. But this guy certainly can certainly take some serious pain!

However, he is merely delaying the inevitable and Lina soon starts making him tap - an arm bar in particular is so vicious that it made us all wince!

Lina keeps smiling which, as well as probably intimidating her opponent, is a sign she is relishing the opportunity to inflict more punishment.

In fact, it seems as if she is pleased to have someone with the strength and determination not to tap easily as it gives her a chance to go through the full repertoire of her skills.

But regardless of his stubbornness, he is getting well and truly dominated by one of the best. After a breast smother, Lina taunts him with a slap to the face and a squeeze of his nose!

The poor guy does go on the offensive himself and looks to be in a promising position when he gets her in a body scissor. However, Lina just smiles (again!) and dismisses his efforts: “Your legs are not strong enough, you need to try harder!”

Instead her domination continues and her tiring opponent is looking more and more well beaten by the minute.

A host of submissions later and it is the luscious Lina celebrating her win with a classic victory pose! This video shows off Lina at her brilliant best!

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