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Monica v Deviant Dave - Beatdown

Deviant Dave fancies himself as a bit of an MMA fighter and during his visit to London, he decided to challenge Monica with the aim of beating her ass in her own ring.

Monica isn’t amused but just decides to let her skills do the talking when they face off before this hotly anticipated clash.

With the legendary Ina Black refereeing, both fighters go at each other looking to seek an early advantage in the first round.

It probably comes as no surprise that Monica gets on top first as she wrestles him down to the mats and sits on top of him, firing hard punches to his belly and face.

She fires angry taunts at him as she pounds him and Dave is struggling to escape or even cover up effectively. Mercifully for him, he is able to submit and stop the onslaught!

To be fair to Dave, he makes a much better effort in the second round and manages to get on top of Monica and at least stop her from beating him within an inch of his life as she did early on.

However she's a strong and wily competitor and she soon manages to get him off her and turn the tables - firing in vicious kicks and punches before choking him out for yet another submission at the end of the second round!

By the third round, Dave is really struggling and Monica knows how to take advantage and demonstrate just how painful a beat down at her hands can be.

She threatens to leave him with a black eye and you know she means it!

The ease with which she is beating him does make her drop her guard at one point though and enable Dave to go on the attack - which he does with devastating effect!

This sets up the final round very nicely which sees some brutal fighting, an injury break and the ref finally stopping the brawl with one person down.

Did Dave upset the odds or did Monica show him whose boss? Download to find out!

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