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Shelby dominates

Anyone with even a passing interest in the UK session wrestling scene will have heard of the one and only Shelby Beach.

The legendary grappler has been there, done it and got the T-shirt during a fantastic pro and session wrestling career. So it takes a brave and bold man to get on the MWC mats with her.

But what’s probably not advisable is to make confident predictions of beating Shelby - which is exactly what her cocky opponent does here. He is convinced he will win and even tells her that “any move you can do, I can do better!”

Shelby has him all tied up

Shelby, naturally, isn’t fazed by any of this and is more than up for the challenge!

Seconds into launching into a test of strength, Shelby takes control and expertly throws him to there mats and catches him in an arm bar. She turns this into a painful arm lock which leaves her victim in immense pain.

Shelby takes great joy in making him suffer and then taunting him about it as she works through her incredible repertoire of moves.

To his credit, he refuses to submit but this actually encourages Shelby to keep going harder - the magnificent Mancunian making him admit that he is a “Southern Softie”!

Controversy comes when Shelby adopts a vicious leg lock that seemingly makes her opponent submit. But once he is released he denies it - much to the dismay of Shelby.

Once again, her revenge is carried out through more remorseless and incredibly painful wrestling moves that her foe has no answer to.

Shelby Beach has him trapped in a Dragon Sleeper

His resistance is broken (again!) when Shelby adopts a leg lock that has him tapping out furiously - much to her delight.

To his credit, the “Southern Softie” comes out fighting and even manages a take down. But when he tries to pin Shelby, she dismissively throws him off her within a second.

Normal service is resumed and we are treated to an outstanding display of both pro and mat wrestling finesse from one of the all time greats!

She toys with him, hurts him, taunts him. And the end comes with a perfect headlock that sends her battered victim into la la land! This is truly a vintage Shelby Beach performance.

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